Ringtones and Effects for Messenger is a free application composed by more than 400 sounds, classified in 20 categories that make searching for a tone, a real breeze the search.

It is an application composed by ringtones for gamers, sounds of terror, funny sounds, digital ringtones, relaxing sounds or sounds of nature among others... No doubt the most popular and current ringtones, all of them funny and original ringtones. The best sounds are free notification for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Ringtones and effects for Messenger brings together an extensive collection of short sounds, ideal for your Android device or tablet, with the best sounds for Whatsapp. Change your Whatsapp notification sound, your Messenger notification sound, your Telegram notifications or the app you want... You'll want your phone to keep ringing with these funny sounds, all of them also free ringtones. Try them!

The application integrates a fun Voice Changer with which you can create the best free sound effects in mp3 format.

You can modify your voice through the different effects of voice. Record your voice, apply the effect you want and share it with Whatsapp or Messenger. If you prefer you can save it and use it as sound for your chat. Enjoy effects like the famous helium effect, robot effect, echo effect, drunken effect, or reverse effect to create the funniest and original ringtones you can imagine.

You can also download the best notification ringtones and effects, so you can assign a personalized notification for each application and for each contact. You can also share the music ringtones you like most through WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, Kakaotalk, Vine or any social network compatible with the application. Multiple options that make this simple sound application a complete, different and functional App.

Use the application ringtones and effects of the voice changer as notification sound for your Android device. Use them also as ringtones for your chats or your alarm clock, as melody for your ringtones, as sound for text messages or for any notification tone. Tested on the following devices: Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony and Oppo among others.

► Categories:
- Sounds for Gamers | Ringtones for Gamers | Audios for Gamers
- Relax Sounds | Relax Ringtones | Relax Audios
- Digital Sound | Digital Ringtones | Digital Audios
- Toys Sounds | Toy Ringtones | Audios of Toys
- Alarms Sounds | Alarm Ringtones | Audios of Alarms
- Fantasy Sounds | Fantasy Ringtones | Fantasy Audios
- Nature Sounds | Nature Ringtones | Nature Audios
- Monsters Sounds | Monsters Ringtones | Monsters Audios
- Robots Sounds | Robots Ringtones | Robots Audios
- Science Fiction Sounds | Science Fiction Ringtones | Science Fiction Audios
- Terror Sounds | Ringtones of Terror | Audios of Terror
- Cartoon Sounds | Cartoon Ringtones | Cartoon Audios
- Party Sounds | Party Ringtones | Party Audios
- Funny Sounds | Funny Ringtones | Funny Audios
- Unpleasant Sounds | Unpleasant Ringtones | Unpleasant Audios
- Beautiful Sounds | Beautiful Ringtones | Cute Audio
- Animal Sounds | Animals Ringtones | Animals Audios
- Whistle Sounds | Whistle Ringtones | Whistles Audios
- Notification Sounds | Notification Ringtones | Notification Audios
- Sounds of Weapons | Weapons Ringtones | Audios Weapon

► How to use the app:
⦁ Choose one of 20 categories of notification sounds for chats.
⦁ Listen to the different ringtones for Whatsapp you have.
⦁ Click on the menu to the right of the sound you like.
⦁ Aop-Up will appear with 6 options to choose from:
⦁ Share by Messenger
⦁ Add as ringtone
⦁ Add as Notification Ringtones
⦁ Add as alarm Ringtones.
⦁ Share
⦁ Download
⦁ You already have your notification sound ready.
*This app don't contain Iphone ringtones and Spinner sounds

App Screenshots: